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Great work, as always! I love the writing in this one . . . sweet, but also mysterious!

I really loved the new paper cutout art style as well! And the time-based mechanic was fun! I found myself rushing from place to place so I could avoid having to fight the nightmares. Oh, and I also really enjoyed the way the background was animated in the combat scenes!

The whole series is starting to feel like a manga in the best way, in that I’m waiting to see what happens next and how everything comes together!

Thanks for making these!! 🎨💘🎾


Glad you enjoyed the art style, I was shooting for a manga-esq look and that seems to have worked. This was one of my most rushed jams to date, so I'm happy to see most players enjoying the game. In a way, this one is kind of a prototype, so you may see this art-style again. I was hoping to build on this for Yuri Jam this year, but the code got really sloppy toward the end (as is prone to happen during jams) so I'll need to rework and streamline a lot of it.  I don't want to make any promises either, as I don't know if I have time for Yuri Jam or not yet.

Thanks so much for playing, and keeping up with the series! Hopefully I'll be making more soon.


Nice work Shibey, this was a fun little visual novel :) I like the paper cutout theme you've got going on with the characters and dialogue/ui

I liked the nightmare combat minigame but there wasn't much reason to ever do it since you don't have enough time (for the good ending)

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Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the art style, it's probably what I'm happiest with in this project. This whole game was sort of a prototype, so I may use it again.

I totally agree on the combat. I was really crunched for time on this one, and ended up scaling back quite a few things. Combat originally was going to be a little more important, but it kinda got sidelined toward the end of the jam.  I'd like to revisit and improve it in a future game.