Devtober 2021 Update: V1.2

My Devtober 2021 update is now available! The version 1.2 update contains improvements, polish, and new features:

  • Major Feature Added: "Assist Mode" - 3 options that can be toggled on and off during play on the "Pause" screen. These are intended to provide a lower-stress way to play the story of the game or explore and learn the levels. They include immunity to projectile attacks, infinite double jump, and slow-motion.
  • Respawn options: Also added respawn options to the "Pause" menu. The default animates you back to the spawn point when defeated. Some players experienced eyestrain from this, so I've added a new option that insta-teleports you back to spawn.
  • Overhauled the intro to better introduce new players to Camilla, and remind continuing players of her role in the series.
  • Updated the Bad ending. This ending was the most commonly received... and many players found it pretty unfair. This ending has now been updated with a choice. The original bad end is still and option, but a new, better ending can be chosen. This new ending is still in line with Camilla's personal struggles.
  • Redid Camilla's attack animation to be more dynamic and impactful.
  • Camilla no longer slides when gripping a wall.
  • Updated the dialogue sections with a "fast forward" option. Holding the text advance button (X or M) will fast forward dialogue.
  • Adjusted Camilla's hit box so it wasn't so incredibly wide.
  • Updated Camilla's attack zone so it's easier to hit bosses.
  • Added a slight visual cue to bouncers to imply their strength, since they vary. May revisit this in a future update.
  • Updated the zipline rails to be much faster. Previously, they stopped you dead when you first grabbed on. Now, they start with your momentum and move very quickly! This was important, as the previous versions were best avoided during a speed run. They should be more viable now.
  • Added a sliding SFX for Camila's slide attack.
  • Updated the visuals for the dream-world stages.
  • Made the first Memento easier to notice.
  • Tweaked Number 20's big wind attack to be a bit less annoying. Also linked it to delta time, as it should have been all along. (whoops!)
  • Various other bug fixes and tweaks.

Next up, Stages 7 & 8! Please stay tuned for the "Beyond the Rift" update coming sometime in the next few months. And as always, thanks for playing my games! :)

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