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Omg, Ending 1 had me laughing before anything even happened 😂🤣


One of my more ambitious weekly game jam games, hehe. (Honestly can't believe how much I used to cram into 1 week)

Glad it was able to give you a laugh! Poor Jammie's been abandoned these days, but not forgotten...


I will definitely come back amd play more of her adventures 😁

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How do you get endings 3 and 4? I have toured the whole map and couldn't seem to find anymore interactables?

Hey, thanks for playing! Endings 3 and 4 are related to ending 2, which is achieved at the large window near the top of the map. That window gives 3 possible endings depending on your current Mana level. You need at least 30% to escape ending 2.

Curious, did you find ending 8? That's the only ending that doesn't involve an interactable object.

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I actually have found ending 8. Don't want to spoil it for everyone though.

Also I think there can be a really creative ending crafted from the "Summoning a Greater Demon is not funny" blackboard - I was kind of expecting one of the endings involved that.

Ohhhh... you are so right! That's a great idea!

So first, this is neat. I like the way it looks and the humor.  The camera feels a bit weird sometimes, but I see in your other comment that you're already taking a look at that. Maybe I could move the camera down a little when I hit S?

The beginning has nice introductions to statues and guards. I would have appreciated a pot early on to practice with, because I got caught a good few times while figuring out how they worked.

I found the dog and he is cute!

Thanks for playing! I've updated the camera... it now scrolls up or down if you move the mouse cursor (now a visible target symbol) toward the top or bottom of the screen. Hopefully this is an improvement from the original system!

I also added a pot at the start for additional training!

Well, I didn't have enough mana for the end. Took me quite a few tries to get the witch!

I didn't initially realize that the bubbled enemies stay bubbled after you go back to the start. The statues confused me because I thought they were on a timer, but they just send you back to the start if you get too close. 

If there was sound, I couldn't hear it -- definitely would have helped with the witch encounter since you'd have some indicator of when she's firing at you from offscreen.

The camera seemed to act a little strange at times -- it sometimes would pan up when I was trying to look down.

Hey, thanks for playing! There should be sound, but it was added very recently, about 20 minutes ago. Maybe you played before then? (Might need to refresh the page before trying again if it's cached)

The camera system is a work in progress, it tracks down when falling, up when jumping, and eventually levels off when still. I may need to re-think that. Thanks for the feedback, very helpful! Maybe I should make it based off the mouse positioning or something like that...

One more note, there are 8 possible endings, only 2 are available all the way at the very end. Most are located on interactions throughout the map, and two of those are effected by how much Mana you have. (You attempted the hardest one, need full Mana) There is one more "secret" ending for accomplishing something on the map. That's all I'll say for now, hehe.

Yep, the sounds are in now.

One other thing that got me sent back once or twice was that the guards can see through blocks. My initial thought was that I could just hide behind blocks. Not sure if that's really changeable since the game is balanced around that, though. It'd be too easy if their vision was blocked by the blocks, particularly since all the guards are in their own little blocked off areas.

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I had considered that problem as well, and ultimately decided it would just be part of the gameplay, haha.  Definitely worth thinking about though! If it was a longer jam, I would probably spend more time developing the AI and other systems. Thanks again for all the great feedback, it's very helpful. I was pretty worried about the game balance on this one. (Although anyone can get ending 1, haha, it's right at the start)