Major Update! Version 2.2

Hi all! It's been awhile, but Version 2-2 is here, and is a pretty big overhaul! Here's a quick list of changes and updates:

  • Full first level & boss fight!
  • Completely changed special "power" attacks.
  • More story and dialogue, including some behind the scenes work.
  • Vending system implemented. Money is now more than a useless pickup!
  • More sounds (created in BFXR) and music(credited on titlescreen) added.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and adjustments to enemies, movements, attacks, etc.

My original 2019 Devtober project did not come close to reaching what I had hoped for in overall quality and completion. When I saw the "Finish It!" Jam and "Improve My Game Jam #9," I figured this would be a good opportunity to push this project a little further. And though this still has a ways to go, I'm much happier with demo 2.2! 

First of all, the original demo ended before even SEEING the villain. What a disaster. This version completes the full first level, and adds Melody's (hopefully!) final confrontation with the Dreamrender Warlock. (She's fought him twice now, in other Jam games on my page:

In the first demo, it was made clear to me that her ranged power attacks were terrible and not fun to use. I completely replaced them with new abilities. The basic wave attack is still a ranged blast, but must be used on the ground. It does more damage than the old projectiles. Her uppercut is where the fun begins for real! If you special attack holding up, she will launch into the air dealing good damage. If timed during a jump, this can be used to reach new heights. (And secrets!)

This version finally includes the full intro story and much more dialogue. For better or worse perhaps. I tried to make the intro... different. We'll see if that's something players like or not. There's a skip button, so if it stinks, there's your ticket to freedom! I also built out the main dialogue system for longer encounters, such as when you find the Dreamrender at the end of the first level.

Speaking of systems, the vending system is in place! This ended up being more annoying to build then the boss fight, but at least money now has a use!

The quiet was too much in the original game, so I found some royalty free music to liven things up a bit. Yes, the boss music is reused from the last Dreamrender fight, but at least it's themed! Music credits are in-game on the title screen. If this gets bigger, I'll need to make a separate credits page for sure. I also made a bunch of new sounds in BFXR. Probably could make a few more, but for now most things at least have sound.

Lastly, I made some overall changes and updates. First of all, the "magic seal" enemies now die with 1 hit. Before they were like tanks, and felt awful to fight. Now they are super weak, but I've added more to make up for it. Power pickups now heal a little health in addition to power. I played with the controls and movement a little. In addition to the uppercut, basic attacks give a little "air hang" now, so fighting flying enemies is a little easier. I updated the font on the dialogue boxes twice. After the "Finish It!" jam, I got comments that it was really hard to read, so I hope this latest update makes it easier.

There plenty of other changes, some big and some small, but I think this summarizes the ones worth posting about. I hope you enjoy, and please follow ShibeyFaceGames for updates to this, as well as my other projects! Thank you so much! :)


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May 25, 2020

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