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Crazy good! Was not expecting a second boss.

It might be nice to add a placeable forcefield mechanic. That way I could focus my eyes on enemies instead of just dodging and wiggling the mouse. You could even make it targetable like in that first boss fight!

For sure in the running for best game of the jam!

Thanks so much for playing, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I got that second boss in by the skin of my teeth hehe... it was a tight jam for me.

I'm hoping to add a few more player powers in the Devtober update, a shield of some kind is definitely a good idea!

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Whoa, playing from the perspective of the Golden Eyed Girls. I probably should have seen this coming but I was still surprised!

Great work – really impressed by all the little details in the character designs.

Thanks for allowing me to keep playing even when I die; it’s nice to be able to follow the story even as a non-expert ^___^

Now Basin Lake has gotten me to play not just my first Tower Defense but my first Bullet Hell, nice


Thanks so much for playing! I'm working to make my games more accessible, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy this one. (I'm not very good at bullet hell games myself XD )

Hoping to expand and finish this game during Devtober! We'll see what life throws at me though.

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very cool! just please get a fullscreen button since i cant see the entire game at once :) ( its literally one click )

Thanks so much for playing! I do have a fullscreen option, press "U" on the keyboard at any time and it should toggle between full and windowed.

That said, I guess there's no reason I can't also turn on the itch button too. XD   I'll do that now.


great! thanks for replying!


This was so fun!! I can't wait for the full game <3


Thanks so much! I hope you'll be back for the updates, tentatively next month during Devtober!