Within Her HeArt V1-2 Update!

Hi all! It's been awhile since I've tinkered with this project, but today I'm here with the Version 1-2 update!

The main goal on this update was to address a major issue/request from users. In the original build I scrapped XP and leveling due to time constraints, but no more! There is now a reason to hunt mobs... XP and leveling are in place! I'm hoping this will also address the difficulty issue a little too. As this game was originally balanced around a no-growth battle system, the leveling is kept light. You can still complete the game without relying on grinding enemies, so feel free to avoid enemies if you prefer! Any boss battle can be completed at level 1 with proper strategizing.

Full update notes:

  • XP and Leveling added!
  • Leveling up allow player to increase either HP or MP by 1 per level. Whichever stat the player chooses will also be fully restored.
  • I've edited a significant portion of the dialogue. These edits are mainly a second pass to smooth or shorten the text. No story/theme changes are present, and most returning players may not notice the difference.
  • Engine updated from Construct 2 to Construct 3. Corrected a few bugs resulting from this.
  • Framework is in place for Newgrounds medals. (Achievements) If you have a Newgrounds account and like collecting medals, I have 12 achievements planned! This version should be out by this weekend (relative to the post date of this update) If you are interested, check it out on my Newgrounds page: https://shibeyfacegames.newgrounds.com/

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