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The concept is nice and both the protagonist has a personality, unlike the antagonist who looks a bit generic but maybe that's the point. The controls could be improved, everything feels frictionless which makes it a bit difficult to give exact movements but the game is nice even though I would have preferred to change the scheme of the magic attack since I had problems using it even after reviewing the game controls.

Thanks so much for playing, and for taking the time to do a let's play and give feedback! I really appreciate it. :)


Fun, but really hard for me. Mostly because I suck at platformers. June is my favorite character because she's the least 2d


it's so cute be honest :3

Thanks so much for playing! :)

Say... when I saw some of the submissions to the jam, I noticed that some of them are published under multiple publishers/owners (?)...

And I just realized that has got that kind of feature...

Just my suggestion, but I think it's a good idea to include the composer for this game, FacemeltingSolos, as a collaborator?


Oh, I didn't know that was a feature! I'll have to check that out, thanks!

Facemelting Solos has actually already added the game to their page in a collection!

I've been digging through the woefully lacking FAQs and help pages, but it seems the only way to add a "collaborator" right now is to make them an admin on the project, which then allows full access to upload, delete, basically do anything to the project. It seems devs have been asking for better (or any) options to fine-tune this for awhile now, but no signs of this to date. :(

I've credited FMS on Youtube, twitter, in-game, and on the page, so for now I think I'd rather keep the admin controls attached to my account, since I'm the core developer. If they ever make that update with more options, I'll definitely come back and revisit this! Something to keep an eye on.

I see

Well I suppose the credits from everywhere else are indeed already sufficient


WOW! incredible game =) you improve alot! 
P.S: i love the burst hit when you move fast and hit

Thanks so much! I put a lot of work into this one, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


So I'm not quite sure what happened, but somehow in the middle of the second boss battle I got kicked back to the previous page...? I'm using Opera; presumably there's a 'go back to the previous page' key combo that's easy to make by accident whilst playing the game :x

Hardly your fault, but still an oof.

Concept is fun, I love the verticality to the levels, and I love the enemy variety. As for criticisms...

It took an embarrassing amount of time to realise I could doublejump.

The air attacks are very finicky, making the air enemies near impossible to hit at times. The up attack in general could do with some forgiveness with its controls, or maybe having 'aim up' and 'jump' be separate inputs. At least you gave the flying enemies no collision damage; that was a good call.

Platforming was fun, but on the second level getting to the station, it could really have done with more clarity on where it is and isn't safe to fall.


Doh! I love the concept of browser games, as it's cross-platform and download free, but maybe this is a solid argument for also releasing a desktop version.

Several people have mentioned the up attack controls, so there's definitely room for improvement there. I tried added the "red skulls" on the city level to show the bottom, but I guess that's not quite enough, hehe. Though the only big "pit" is under the central skyscraper.

Thanks for playing, and especially thank you for the feedback!


Definitely noticing the increase in quality, awesome job for a two week jam :) Love how you always have some kind of narrative, which is something I never really do. 

I liked the boss fights, though the first one had pretty limited attack variety. The second one was good, but was made fairly easy due to all the magic pickups (Could mostly just facetank all the damage)

The blurriness on the larger images was a little distracting, I imagine they were drawn too big originally or something. I have trouble with that myself whenever I try to do hand drawn stuff, still haven't really figured it out.

The variety of attacks was pretty cool, but I found myself mainly using the normal punch (Partly because I didn't realize you could run initially). I seemed to miss a lot using the up attack, I think the hitbox might be too small or I'm just using it at the wrong times. The up attack also conflicts a bit with the normal punch midair -- a lot of the time I wanted to punch the flying monsters that were coming at me, but ended up attacking up instead.

Other random things: 

  • The pink on yellow buttons definitely clashed, maybe lower the saturation a bit or something. Especially noticeable on the title screen where they stand out more than the title.
  • Super minor, but the background lights with the gradient stuck out to me. Mainly because the gradient was limited colors, it might have been better to just do a smooth gradient. It was also one of (?) the only things that was antialiased which made it stand out more.
  • Parallax background maybe too saturated, the brighter greens definitely stood out particularly when you're next to a greyish building.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you noticed the extra quality, I tried to really push hard on this one. Story-wise, I have a whole bank of characters and ideas from this setting. It's possible I'll do more with it eventually. This specific scenario was semi-new. I reworked an old idea to fit the scope of the jam more closely.

Judging difficulty is always a challenge. Someday I should find someone willing to test my stuff during jams, haha.

Thanks for all the other feedback too! All great suggestions. I may go back a tweak some of that stuff, when I get some energy back. (And finish playing more of the other submissions!)

The only thing that will sadly go un-tweaked for sure is the blurry art. TBH, the only way that's not going to look blurry is for me to get better at full-screen pixel drawing. I tried at first, but it looked terrible. So I gave up and drew everything in flash, so I could at least have decent scaled exports.  For a glance at a few of the art cards in their natural state, check out the "official trailer" I threw together the other night: