Alice Ward, school girl by day… Magical Girl by night! Alice has a talent for quickly assessing a situation, and coming up with a strategy fast.

Take command of Alice and her Magic Cards in this Tower Defense game:

  • Build a deck that works for you, choosing from summons, buffs and spells. Decks are built in Alice's room at her table.
  • Remember fun memories by clicking on the photos posted to her board!
  • Maintain your magic pool to effectively deploy your cards, and keep the city’s nightmares at bay!

Living the life of her dreams, Alice won’t let Basin Lake City fall into despair! And yet, something seems to be troubling her…

Play through 6 unique stages with different twists and challenges, and help Alice unravel the mystery shrouding the city.

[Fullscreen recommended! Press "U" at anytime in game to toggle fullscreen.]


Alice's Awakening is Mouse controlled!

  • Navigate menus and UI by clicking buttons and objects.
  • Advance Text by clicking anywhere.
  • Click, Drag, and Drop cards to use them on the battle field, or while building your deck in Alice's Room.
  • Summons cards (Towers or Magical Girls) can be dropped in any open, non-red space.
  • Most spell cards must be dropped on a target.


  • Be sure to generate enough magic to power your cards! Consider placing a Glamour Source card immediately.
  • Don't leave Alice Defenseless! Be sure to add some attack tower or other allies after securing some magic power.
  • Try different deck builds! You'll always need to generate magic, but there are many deck compositions that can be effective.

Created in 1 month for Magical Girl Game Jam 5, Winter 2022! Themes: Genre Mashup. Chosen genres: Tower Defense & Card.

For even more Magical Girl adventures, check out the entire Basin Lake Magical Girls series:

Art, Game Design, Scenario, and Program by ShibeyFaceGames!

Music and Sound Design by Facemelting Solos!

Fonts courtesy of Google Fonts! (Permanent Marker, Goldman, Fredoka One, Roboto Bold, Roboto Regular, Caveat Semibold)

Watch the trailer:

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Game Jam, Hand-drawn, magical-girl, Mystery, nightmares, Tower Defense

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I absolutely loved this sweet match up of two different genres. You did a good job. Congratulations.

Thanks much for playing, and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it :)


Such a cool concept wowow, really love this game!!! It's so well-rounded & fun! 10/10

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


This is so cool!!! I finally had time to play it! (Day job has been very busy lately) This is the first time I’ve had fun with a tower defence game. It’s really neat! I will have more to say when I’ve gotten further. Right now I’ve gotten good at Mission 3, which took me a while to beat. Thanks for making this! ✨🌜🎾🖌🗼✨


Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you are enjoying it so far! This is the first time I've included an auto-save system, and it sounds like it's coming in handy. I understand the busyness, almost as soon as this game jam ended my free time disappeared.


Daaang, I did not see that twist ending coming! The last battle was very challenging, but I really enjoyed it. Now I’m very curious about what will happen in Basin Lake next~!


Fun little tower defense game! The art must have taken a while! Enemy variety allowed for at least a few different strategies, mainly around using barricades

When I first started playing I assumed that the glamour springs needed to be placed in the yellow square that pops up (The one showing your character's "place area"). Took me a minute to realize that you could place anything anywhere. Also took me a bit to figure out how to use the buffs & special attack.

Kind of unfortunate that the cards didn't fit at full scale, it's a bit hard to see them when you're not hovering the mouse over them.

Thanks for playing! The art was definitely where I spent the most time on this one.

Your feed back is helpful. In hindsight, I probably should have taken the time to make a true tutorial stage... more than a few players ran into problems/confusion that I hadn't anticipated. 



Thank you so much!  <3


What a really fun game this was, each mission definitely brought along its own challenges in a very engaging way! The lore too was pretty interesting!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed, and the lore as well! Expect Alice to return in future games in the series. :)