An action-adventure Magical Girl platformer!

Becoming a Magical Girl has been tough for June Mejos! And it’s not just the danger of fighting nightmares and villains in Basin Lake City… Her school life is taking a toll too. Mysterious absences, tardiness, and other demerits are piling up. Now the student council has sent her a summons. How’s she supposed to explain this while keeping her Magical Girl alter ego secret? However, the student council may have a secret of its own…

[Fullscreen recommended! Press "U" at anytime in game to toggle fullscreen.]

(NOTE: Construct games seem to have an issue with the music when played in the Itch Client. It's recommended to play this game in a browser currently.)

Created in 1 month for Magical Girl Game Jam 7, Winter 2023! Theme: Kitten


  • [ARROW KEYS] - Move
  • [Down] while moving - Slide
  • [Z] - Jump
  • [Z] + Slide - Boost Jump
  • [Z] in air by wall - Wall Jump
  • [X] - Attack
  • [X] + [UP] - Upper Cut
  • [X] + Slide - Jump Slam
  • [C] - Advance Text
  • [P] - Pause Game
  • [U] - Toggle Fullscreen


  • The Upper Cut is an attack, but can also be used as a movement skill.
  • Try combining movement skills to reach hard-to-get places!

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Art, Game Design, Scenario, and Program by ShibeyFaceGames!

Music and Sound Design by Facemelting Solos!

Dialogue Sprite Font: Facsimile_8x8 by Paige Ashlynn!

Watch the trailer below:

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, cat-girl, Cute, Female Protagonist, Magic, magical-girl, Mystery, Pixel Art, Singleplayer

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Thanks for playing, and making a video! <3

(2 edits) (+1)

full clear! (if the image doesn't load, know it says "good standing, suspicious of student council")

Congrats! And thanks so much for playing :)


And I did it again with the update, too. Neat improvements! (image should load this time)

Nice, it did load this time! Thanks for giving it another spin, and I'm glad you enjoyed the updates!


Really great work, as always! I LOVE the animation, especially June’s actions and the broken seals! Nightmare designs are stellar, too.

As is often the case for Basin Lake platformers, this was pretty challenging for me on my keyboard ~~ I need to get a controller for computer.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!


Thank you so much for playing! Glad you liked the animations... I was experimenting with a lower-res sprite style to see if it'd be faster to work with. Still not sure if it is, but I'm happy with how it came out overall.

This release is keyboard only right now, but I do have gamepad support in an update that I've been working on. Unfortunately, I've been incredibly busy and haven't been able to finish it yet... but hoping to get that out sooner than later.


Very enjoyable game!

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


Nice action-platformer with a fun visual style.  I found it a little easy as most fights could be completed by button-mashing and health drops were plentiful -- maybe you could tweak the mechanics a bit to add more of a skill/tactical element.

I finished with "June Mejos: suspended, suspicious of student council" with 7/7 evidence.  Are there other endings?


First, thanks so much for playing! And congrats on getting all the evidence. :)

I agree it's a bit too easy, but it was made for a game jam, so I leaned towards making it accessible. I'll definitely work on balance and challenge if I work on a larger game in this style. (TBD)

As for your question about the ending... yes, there are two main endings! To get the "true" ending, try finding a different way to defeat the final boss. Thanks again for checking out my game, and leaving your feedback! I appreciate it.


I really enjoyed playing a game :)

Thanks so much for playing, and making a video! I really appreciate it! :)


This is such a beautifully designed game!! The art, graphics and the controls are amazing! The only thing I wish was if there was a way to save progress/ not respawn from the beginning! Thank you for such a well crafted piece of art!!!


Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I would have liked to add checkpoints or something similar, but settled for level-based autosaves due to the jam time constraints! I'll definitely consider a better save system if I make a longer game like this.