Broom Zoom -- Weekly Game Jam 96 -- Traffic Jam

Your Witchapalooza tickets arrived super late! Even better, there's a huge traffic/sky jam between you and the concert. Time to break out your flight skills... and maybe break a few eggs in the process.


  • [Up] and [Down] arrow keys to move
  • [B] to shoot. (Uses Mana)
  • [V] to move fast. (Uses Mana)
  • [C] to move slow.
  • Any key to advance text/story.

Try to get to your destination as fast as possible! You can blast, zoom, and avoid your way through air and land traffic. Mana regenerates slowly, and powerups can be collected on the ground.

You will receive different endings based on your outcome. (Speed, damage, destruction).

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Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Construct 2, Cute, Game Jam, jammie, Pixel Art, Retro, weird, witch


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There are a lot of little touches that make this a great game. The story added a lot of character too. My favorite part is probably the hole that is made when the witch flies through the road sign. Awesome job!

Thanks for playing! Sometimes I wonder if I'm spending too much time on things players won't see or care about, but I'm happy to hear that you noticed and enjoyed those elements! :)

I like how you revamped your witch graphics from last week's jam and polished things up even more. Really liked the idea of the drones dropping packages on you, and I liked how you fly through the road signs after shooting them.

I didn't get the best ending, but my super easy strategy was just to stay right at the top of the screen and alternate shooting and speed boosting.

I'm not familiar with construct 2, but the text seems really blurry, not sure if that's something fixable.

Gotta agree that getting the health and mana on the road is a risky proposition, but I'm assuming that's what the slow down key is for.

Thanks for playing! You may see a continuing theme of re-purposed/revamped graphics, haha. I'm trying to get back into the groove of making games, and building a library of reusable assets for jams is part of the plan.

The text issue is definitely fixable. I need to get a sprite font, and that'll solve the problem. I'm using Construct's built-in "text" object, which is fine for higher rez games, but not so good for retro-style projects. One of the many things that got cut due to time restraints.

I'm curious, did your strategy manage to avoid fines and jail time? There are 3 variables that affect the ending, based on damage dealt, damage received, and speed.  The slow down key is honestly a left-over from early iterations that lacks clear purpose... but I was interested to see if anyone could make good use of it, so I left it in.

Thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate it! :)

I didn't even realize that there was more text after the end scene -- I had just been refreshing the page to restart the game! My strategy gave me a fine, though no mention of jail time.


Hmm, this is good feedback. In the future, I'll add a cursor, symbol, or other signal that there is more text to see. Thanks!

i think getting health and mana on the road is nearly impossible..
but this game is good and entertaining XD

And i got the best ending..

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree that the power up placement needs work. There were a lot of ideas I would have expanded, but I ran out of time for balance and refinement. 

Did you get the best ending on your first try? I'm curious how the overall difficulty felt for a fresh player.

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No, it wasn't my first. my first one is the worst one (maybe), then after four tries i managed to got the best ending.

I got the best ending while only moving vertically at the start. What i did is only to adjust my position to nearly below sign, so even the lowest drone never hit me. and road sign is easier to clear.

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this is the safe zone for drones, you'll never get hit from boxes from here..

Cool, thanks for the feedback! :) 

Look's like you found a good strategy. If I was going to refine this, I'd probably look to add more incentive to visiting the upper half of the screen too.