My entry for Weekly Game Jam 98, "Tame a Dragon."

Goal: Complete the agility course as quickly as possible while clearing jumps!


  • [Right Arrow] - Run fast (Helps time, builds dragon rage)
  • [Left Arrow] - Walk slow (Hurts time, calms dragon over time)
  • [Up Arrow] - Make trainer jump. Useless, but fun!
  • [D] - Order Dragon to jump.

There are 3 possible endings based on your final time. Good luck!


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Can confirm that the game doesn't load on firefox. Weird, since your other games work just fine on firefox.

I feel like most players aren't going to go slow, since the optimal strategy is to just go fast and make all the jumps reasonably close. There should probably be a greater penalty for the dragon burning the hurdles.

Bizarre! Are you on Mac, PC? Firefox worked fine on my older PC (Win 10), but I haven't tried it on my main workstation...

Thanks for playing! One thing I'm consistently running into on these game jams is a lack of time to balance the gameplay. I spend all my time making the assets and getting to run, and then run out of time! I'll try and work on that. (I may have failed again on WGJ 99 though, haha)

Really weird, I turned off my adblocker of all things and it works on firefox. Turn the adblocker back on and it hangs at the loading screen. All your other games work just fine, it's just this one.

That is pretty strange. I wonder what's causing it to be flagged...

Thanks for the info!

The game won't load for me. Not sure if its just me, but I'd like to play it.

Aww, bummer!  What browser/system are you using? It's loading fine for me on Chrome and Edge (both on Windows 10) and on a few different computers.

Sorry to hear it's not working on your end, I'd like to sort that out if possible! :(

I was using firefox, I just ran it in edge and that worked. The game was pretty fun, but the jump sound effect got very irritating. I liked the art, and the announcer was a nice touch!

Ah, cool! Weird that it wouldn't work in Firefox. Thanks for the feedback! I have a bad habit of creating and adding the SFX at 2am the night it's due... I'll see what I can do about that, haha.

Thanks for playing. :)