Submission to Weekly Game Jam 104 - Theme "Fix It"

A little more rushed than I would have liked, but here's Jammie's latest Game Jam exploit.

All audio CC0 Public Domain. Music is by Thomas Bruno on, SFX from

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, fix-it, jammie, Pixel Art, weekly-game-jam


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Nice job.  It would be nice if the instructions included explanations of the icons, especially the one for fixing windows. It took me a while to figure out what that was on my first try.  The others I got pretty easily.  I like how the movement is a little different while carrying something.


Thank you for playing, and thanks for the feedback! I was worried the windows might be confusing, and you've confirmed that for me!  I'll update the instructions when I have some time.

Really  good concept and  great application.

Thank you very much :)


I didn't have a problem jumping over the jump pads like some people did, but when falling through the platforms, sometimes I would accidentally hit the jump pad and bounce up. Maybe not having the jump pads directly under the platforms could help with that? I played a few times and eventually just completely ignored the ladders since just using the jump pads and platforms were faster and you can get to any floor by using them.

My high score is $3500 :) Fits the theme perfectly and was a lot of fun to play!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the feedback! I agree, even as the dev I found myself mostly skipping the ladders.

I'm glad you enjoyed it... also, that may be higher than my highscore!

Haha. Well that's probably just because I played a good few times. It was really fun!

Also, why did I get downvoted? Lol

That's weird :|

I also wonder who downvoted you, and why....  Well, thanks again for playing. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback!

This one is definitely very nice aesthetically.  Your art and sounds work very well.  I also like the tight controls. (Not everyone's favorite, but its mine :) )  

Sometimes the bounce pads on the floor went off when I didn't want them too.  Jumping over them is harder when carrying things, so it would launch me up to other platforms unintentionally.  I would suggest maybe to have them activate with the jump key rather than on collision.  It could help mitigate that.

Thanks for playing!

I definitely wish I had more time to refine the gameplay before submitting... You are right that the bounce pad can be super annoying. I do like your suggestion about making it jump activated rather that automatic. I may go back and update that if I have time! Thank you for the feedback :)

Fun little concept, I especially like how Jammie noticeably struggles with jumping and moving once she's carrying something.

I tended to ignore the bottom car entirely because I couldn't just drop down to the car from the middle areas, since I tended to land on the bounce pads and go straight back up. I do like that there's an element of strategy there, since you can use the bounce pads to avoid repeatedly jumping up the ladders in some situations.

Got a score of $2500

Thanks for playing! The bounce pads definitely have some issues that could be smoothed out. SecretJuice1 had a good idea, make them jump-key activated rather than automatic. I may try this out and see if it feels better. It would certainly make dropping down to the bottom more viable.