Submission to WGJ 103, theme "Shadow Puppets"

Jammie wanted to unwind at a local carnival after recent stressful events, but things don't go quite as planned.

Much like my 101 submission, "Puddle Jumper," this is more about playing with art than refined gameplay. 


[Left Click] on the screen to pull the puppet left or right.

[Right Click] or [X] key to jump.

[R] to return to the last checkpoint.

All SFX are CC0 public domain sounds from Freesound.org. 

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, jammie, puppet, Shadows, weekly-game-jam

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Maybe it's a personal taste, but I love how creepy the puppets look. The whole aesthetic is incredible. I was unlucky to have a stupid Apple mouse, which makes the gameplay difficult but I managed to play for a while! 

Thank you for the game experience.

Oh dang! I forgot about Apple mice... I'm such a PC user. We have plenty of Macs at work, I should have thought about that. I'll see about adding a keyboard jump button. I had intended for awkward mouse controls, but that's a little TOO awkward, haha.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing!

"X" button is now an option for jumping. Thanks for pointing out my control oversight!

This is unique to say the least. You take the theme and interpret it as Wayang, traditional Indonesian puppets. The art is unique indeed, as you said this is really more of playing with art. Also you use traditional Indonesian music for the BGM I see (^.^;

Past the second checkpoint it was way too hard for me though lol

Anyway good work as always. This one is quite creative and unique and makes good use of Indonesian tradition.

Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you enjoyed the aesthetic; I hope did it justice, even if I was hoping to do far more with it!

I like the puppet art, especially the little details on the heads. I think the enemy puppet's feet might be too big, along with some other proportion issues (Though I'm not sure how much of that is due to how the woyang puppets look).

The Jammie puppet kind of looks like an older witch due to the bent over posture.

Also wasn't sure how the bell was being damaged, but I just hung around it for long enough and it broke (Were the arrows hitting it?)


Thanks for playing! :)

Wayang shadow puppets have very odd and stylized proportions, which I've done my best to capture for this jam. There's a variety for sure, but I have a soft spot for the skinny ones with lots of chiseled details. Admittedly, I had hoped to do a lot more artwork for this game. The solid black platforms in some areas, though not terrible looking, were definitely not part of the original plan. 

As for the bell, yes, the arrows do the damage. (They also break the spinning blades) The damage will only happen if the bell is on-screen, but that could literally be the bottom right corner of the bell. If you are hopping around on the platforms you should be able to see it, but I was afraid that it might be kind of unclear what was happening.

I knew the gameplay would be a little wonky on this one, but thank you for taking the time to play it through regardless!

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using chrome, the initial navigation (comic strip) doesnt work unless I go into full screen mode. works fine once actually in teh game

Thank you! I have a good idea why this is happening, I'll update that asap.

Thanks for the bug report, this issue should now be corrected. This is what I get for trying to finish up during the wee hours...

i hear you. Neat  visual style btw.