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I think the destruction spell should destroy bubbled foods as well. and maybe a small conveyor belt thing that separates the foods out enough to destroy them?

That's a pretty good idea!  Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for playing! :)

I see you also went with a witch theme for this jam!

Love the spritework and visual polish. The sound and effect for destroying stuff feels quite good.

I think you need a different lose condition. Maybe a timer or something? Because the spawn rate is about 50/50 between the good and bad items, you can just spam bubbles and catch everything, and you probably wouldn't ever lose unless you stop playing. You could also increase the cooldown of firing bubbles, while raising the amount of time they bounce for to compensate, which would make aiming more important.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the visuals! I may have spent too much time on that, vs designing and testing the gameplay...

I completely agree with you, playing it later I realized that its nearly impossible to lose without trying. I like your suggestions, they could definitely improve the challenge factor.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

I like too much your graphics style,  very good design

Thanks for the kind words! :)