Made for Weekly Game Jam week 109,  theme: 'A Sad Ending'

 Today is Mariel’s first day on the job with the Witch’s Council.  She’s still a novice at magic, but she’ll do her very best!

Help Mariel complete a variety of tasks before the Mistwood Rail train departs.


 or [Arrows] to move.

 or [Shift] to switch between walking and flying.

 [Mouse Click] to shoot towards the mouse cursor.

 to interact.

Main Music compositions by: Jon Carr

Music teaser at the end of the game is "Cool" by Spring on
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Tags2D, jammie, Magic, Pixel Art, sad, Trains, weekly-game-jam


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I love how you connected all your games! This one is especially nice!

Thanks for checking out my games! Hoping to get back to making more soon, once my work-life calms down a bit, hehe.

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Love the amount of detail :) The narrative style fits good and creates a personality for each character. When i killed all of the enemies almost thought that the last one was some kind of boss or something haha! Would had given an interesting sense of danger. Good work, and damn that ending, a well done cutscene.

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Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

A boss might have been a good idea! It was another case of running up to the deadline. Also, I was shooting for a "you're the intern" kind of feel.  Glad you liked the ending! I was hoping that players would find it impactful.

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I knew you can't trust dark wood, sigh...

This game is cute, it was made with so much love. Also is very impressive that you keep a series going, it very nice to have such a personal project keep going after so much time.

On the game itself: I like how short and smooth the game is, I had no problem finishing it, but the quest with the eyes could make some problems (3 of them have spawned outside the screen on the top of the level, good thing that my "spider-sense" kicked in and I did some random shouting up there.

Good stuff dude, keep making art.

Also dude, take some care of your page, you can play with some colors and 
backgournds, it will add  more charm to your creations.

Thanks for playing! And thank you very much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ahhh, I'd love to spruce up my pages. It's just one of those things I never have time to do. I end up using all my spare time to complete the games, and then just barely make the deadline! Next time I'm too busy to do a jam, I'll try and squeeze in some time to clean up my pages and other stuff. (My animated avatar is one of those little projects that I planned for a long time, but took forever to get to.)

Really liked the parallaxing effect in this, especially the god rays! The effects/animations on the ending scene were also really well done. 

I never really found myself walking instead of flying. Would have been cool to have a quest where flight is disabled or something along those lines.


Thank you! The ending scene in particular I'm proud of. I was trying to decide how to keep it impactful without getting too... detailed.

You're totally right about the walking vs flying. There is essentially no reason to walk. By the time I was testing and realized this, I had to make a choice, finish the content or fiddle with the movement systems. I decided to just finish the content. It'd definitely make sense to have some ground missions. The puddle clean up originally was going to have animations for you kneeling and wiping it, but again, ran up against the clock.

As always, thanks for stopping by! :)

There's something very charming about this game, good job

Thank you! If you enjoyed it, please check out some of my other games! They are all linked series. Due to being jam entries, you may find some better than others, but there are several that have a similar "feel" to this one.

Thanks again for playing! :)