Made in a couple of evenings, here's my submission to Weekly Game Jam 107, theme "Don't Touch It!"

Game #11 in my "Jammie" series. For the other games, visit

Melody's had a run of bad luck lately... she can't find any MC or DJ work, and is told she screwed up her last job. But funny thing is, she nor anyone else can remember what exactly happened. Still, if she sleeps on it, maybe it'll come back to her!

Controls: Mouse

Objective: Find the memory fragments in Melody's dream, while avoiding the Dreamrender's spells. If Melody runs out of willpower, it's game over!

All basic SFX from, CC0 license. Music is "Heavenly Loop" by isaiah658 on

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Cute, Dreams, Flying, jammie, Pixel Art, weekly-game-jam

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I liked the shooting star background effects and the spell effects!

The "move to mouse" control is messed up a bit when you reach the edge of the screen because your camera stops at the edge. An alternate way of doing it would be something like in "Getting Over It" where you keep the mouse in the center of the screen, but have a fake cursor centered around your character.


Thanks for playing! :)

That's a good idea for the controls. I was a little rushed on this one, so tried to keep it real simple. I may revisit the controls. (Or I may move onto the next jam, hehe)

Oh hey, you made a game this time. Almost fooled me into thinking this were set in a different universe. Good work on this one for something made in a couple of evenings

While your other games have been quite tough I find this one quite short... and a little bit too easy. I spent more time reading the intro than actually playing the game itself lol

Yup, I'm back! Broke my 10 week streak, but better late than never.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, this one is very short, I spent most of my time on the art, at the expense of depth and length. I had a much more interesting idea, but I won't spoil it here, as I might want to use it on a future jam that it could fit into. :)