Version 2.0 update! Major changes.

Version 2.0 released! Major update.

Special thanks to Thoof and denglishdesign, who's feedback convinced me to make this update. Change log below:

  • Replaced embarrassing "wall of text" intro story with story panels that include art, dialogue and SFX.
  • Added full range of movement. Your character is no longer stuck at the left of the screen. Use all [Arrow keys] or [AWSD] to move in 4 directions!
  • Fireballs now fire considerable faster than previously during modes 1 & 2 of the Fire Faerie.
  • Touching the Faeries before you've sealed them away causes massive damage. It's recommended to stay clear of them.
  • Nerfed Isabella's shield. Her magic now drains x2 speed. This is to avoid a potential exploit after the full movement update. Though she is now much harder to play, her shield can still be effective if used well. Mariel the Ghost was not nerfed. She had a hard life, let her have this.
  • Fixed a math bug that was letting the upper vine extend down to an impassible level for all but Cupcake the Doge.

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