Weekly Game Jame 101 Entry, Theme "After the Storm"

This entry was made in only a few hours, and is very simple. Since I was limited in time, I decided to focus on doing something non-pixel art for a change, and instead limit the gameplay. All art was made in Flash CS6 and Photoshop.

Gameplay is simple...  auto-walk forward gaining points over time, step in basic puddles for bonus points, and jump over water-elemental puddles or the game is over.  The speed will increase the longer you walk.

Controls: [Any Mouse Click] to jump.

Music is from Johan Brodd, on OpenGameArt.org

SFX are from Freesound.org, CC0 license, contributors Speedygonzo and Wormer2.

Development log


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Got a score of 914! I really love the detail that individual footsteps matter in terms of splashes and points.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! :) 

Nice animation and art! Seems a lot more polished than your other games. Nice to see steady improvement.

Thank you! I actually only really focused on the art this time. I usually do pixel art as it's a lot faster, and allows me more time to work on game ideas. Also, I have a huge soft spot for pixel art!

I'll probably be returning to pixel art for many of my projects, but I'd expect that I'll play with other art styles from time to time. I'm a bit of a perfectionist though, so I have to be careful working in more detailed styles... I was very close to not posting this one because I'm not super happy with how the art came out.

Nice walk cycle, I like the bounce to it. Though it'd look much better if the arms were swinging a bit. The music almost made me feel like it should be more of a skipping animation.

Thanks! I fully agree on the animation, I may update that... I really only had a couple hours available this week. I almost skipped out but at the last minute  decided to join.

A really simple take on the theme this time I see.

I guess this really looks like something that was made in a few hours, but I suppose this simple game was enough to cheer me up after a long, tough, unfortunate Thursday. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for playing! Glad I could help improve your day if only in a small way.