Desktop Versions released!

I've released desktop download versions of "June Mejos and the Moonlit Curse!" Available for Windows and OSX. The OSX version is untested however, as I don't have a Mac to try it on. Thanks for playing! :)


MoonlitCurse Play in browser
Oct 02, 2020 125 MB
Oct 03, 2020 85 MB
Oct 03, 2020 89 MB
Oct 03, 2020

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Great! Would you consider adding a fullscreen option to the desktop build? Are there any plans for gamepad support in the future?


Hi there! Both good suggestions. I admit, these builds were put out hastily, so I didn't make many changes here. I'll see what I can do about game pad support in the near future! I rarely use gamepads on my PC (all I have is a steam controller, and I kind of hate it), so I forget about them. I'll look into adding a fullscreen option as well.