Submission to Magical Girl Game Jam 2 (Sept 2020)! (Themes: [Imperishable] [Lunatic] [Night] [Legacy] [Cherry] [Blossom])

Major Devtober update now released!

[Fullscreen recommended!]

High school student by day, defender of the city by night. Magical Girl June Mejos is on her routine patrol of Basin Lake City, cleansing Nightmares that lurk in the shadows. Without warning, a strange power takes hold… Nightmares begin to swarm, the moon gives off an eerie light, and a strange temple appears floating in the sky.

As this curse blankets Basin Lake City, June realizes tonight will be anything but routine…


  • [AWSD] or [ARROW KEYS] to move in 4 directions
  • [LEFT MOUSE] or [N] to shoot
  • [E] or [B] to advance text
  • [RIGHT MOUSE] or [M] for Power Attack (CAMILLA ONLY)

Collect [POWER UPS] to swap between 5 different weapons, and increase attack size, power, and a protective shield!

Getting hit [RESETS] your weapon, and decreases [POWER UPS] by 1. Each level of [SHIELD] will protect from both damage and the [RESET] effect. On [EASY MODE], you will retain your weapon on hit, but [POWER UPS] will still decrease.

For more of June's adventures, check out the rest of the Basin Lake Magical Girls series:

Art, Game Design, Scenario, and Program by ShibeyFaceGames!

Music and Sound Design by Facemelting Solos!


B-Side Update Trailer:


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Development log


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Finally got some breathing room between my schedules to test the updated version.

The control is definitely much better now; I have got way easier times dodging the bullets this time, but I've got a feeling I've gotten rusty since the last time I played games (^.^;

I think B mode stage 2's boss is waaay too hard... How am I supposed to simultaneously be careful as to not drain my stamina too quickly, heal myself by killing those quickly moving small stuffs, while dodging some holy bullets...? Kinda impossible for me :(

Probably make those small stuffs move slower and easier to hit?

EDIT 1&2: Spelling

EDIT 3: (I was about to proclaim victory once I destroyed all the shields; only to find out that it's not over yet... sorry, but I think I have to rage quit this one m(_ _)m)


Thanks for checking out the update! Glad the controls worked better for you, I hadn't gotten any feedback about that.

As for the Stage 2 boss, I'm of split mind... your comments kind of make me want to update it. On the other hand, the B-Side was intended to be difficult. The stages themselves are still pretty easy, so I wanted the bosses to be a real challenge. I'm pretty sure I got a comment somewhere (maybe on the jam discord) from someone who cleared the B-Side. I still find it a mild challenge, but can blow through it with a retry or two in most cases.

The second phase of the "lock" boss looks flashy, but is actually easier IMO.

Anyway, thanks so much for checking it out! I'll have to think about this for awhile.


Hmm... then at least...

for the retry... which seems to be very expected to be a lot...

make it more instant if you get what I mean. (^.^;

The player does not need to rewatch an unskippable "Stage 2" animation with the dialogue everytime they retry ;_;


Good suggestion! I'll try and update that when I have some time, probably in December at the soonest. I wish it was an easy update, but being a jam-game, I have to admit the code is far from perfect. A lot of essential triggers and events occur during those sequences... but I should be able to break them out with some adjustments. Thanks again for the feedback!


Nice work shibey :) Really like the art and narrative as always. You've got some good enemy variety too. The second boss with the massive hand that comes out actually made me jump a bit, that was pretty cool.

I definitely had a hard time beating this one though I eventually managed to do it. I think there's a few things that you could try to make things a little more doable:

  • A lot of the time you'll get the shield powerup before any offensive upgrade, which often ends up with you losing the shield powerup because you can't destroy the enemies as effectively. You could make it so the shield only spawns once you've gained at least one offensive upgrade.
  • The acceleration based movement kind of threw me off, I feel like for most shmup type games they have linear movement. The acceleration also means that if you follow your bullets forward, you can catch up to them (Resulting in a big stack of bullets, which while fun doesn't end up being very effective)
  • I felt like some of the upgrades weren't worth it. The laser seemed the strongest to me, followed by the curving shots, the spread shot, and then last would be the rockets. They just felt too slow by comparison. The upgrade that takes you back to the normal shot was a bit annoying -- the icon for it looks a bit similar to "speed up" so I kept picking those up and losing my laser or curvy shot or whatever.

Take all that with a grain of salt and whatnot since good game difficulty is a fine line :P

I'm not going to nitpick the art, but I think since you outlined some of the background buildings and such it might look better to outline the main character as well. The enemies read really well with the red outlines and black interior, it'd be good to have the main character pop out a similar amount.


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed, and that you were able to beat it! Balancing felt pretty tough this time around, as I didn't want it to be a walk in the park for experienced SHMUP players, but I did worry that it might be too hard for others. It also doesn't help that I'm not all that familiar with the genre. I was basing a lot of it off of foggy childhood memories.

Your suggestion about the shield upgrade is a really good one! I may go back and add that. I had the same problem you described in my own play-thrus, so I think that'd help a lot. The basic shot "upgrade" is a bit of a troll... but can be useful if you A) hate the weapon you are using, or B) are low on health, as all upgrades heal you a bit. 

Outlining June is a good idea too! I may add that as well. As always, thank you for the feedback!


Very good pixel art! Glad to see another construct 2 user as well ;)


Thank you! Construct 2 ftw!


I like the game! It reminded me of this hardcore shooter game from Touhou series.  And since there are no music in this game, I inserted some music of my own. Probably gets copy righted but I don't care lol... as long as it makes it fun!

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Thanks so much for playing, and making a video! I really appreciate it!

One question though, there should be music in the game. Did it not play for you? What browser are you running it on? Just curious, so I can find out if this is a browser issue, or something else.

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Oh! There is music?! I was playing it on the itch app. I didn't know I can play it on the browser! No problem! Glad I was able to help :)

Oh, awesome, that's good to know! I'll have to look into how it works with the itch app! Maybe I'll add desktop download versions.

Thank you for getting back to me, it's a huge help! :)