Major Update! B-Side stages added. Other polish and improvement too.

Hi all! For Devtober, I’ve made a major update to “June Mejos and the Moonlit Curse!”

First and foremost, I’ve added a full new story mode… the B-Side. Take on the role of the villainous Camilla Pierce and set in motion events that lead to the curse over Basin Lake City. Camilla’s playthrough won’t be a walk in the park though! Her corrosive power constantly drains her stamina, and attacking speeds up the effect greatly. Defeating enemies will heal her, so stay on the offensive. 3 challenging bosses will require a balance of attacking and maintaining her strength.

Additionally, I’ve made some improvements to the overall game:

  • Floaty controls have been replaced with precise movement.
  • There are now checkpoints before all bosses, so less time fighting grunts, and more time facing REAL foes.
  • June’s story mode now has EASY and HARD difficulty settings. HARD similar to the original game difficulty level. EASY features more HP for June, and she will only lose her enhancements on a hit, but retain her current weapon.
  • HARD mode now features a slightly updated “true” ending, while EASY retains the original ending.
  • Lastly, the desktop versions can now toggle fullscreen with the “U” key on the keyboard.

Thank you for checking out my game, and I hope you enjoy it! Check out the trailer for this update below:

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Oct 30, 2020 86 MB
Oct 30, 2020 90 MB
Oct 30, 2020

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