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Made for Weekly Game Jam week 108,  theme: 'Where's the Cake?' 

Jammie just wants to relax and eat her cake, but someone stole it! Not to point any fingers, but she's looking at the dogs...

A short point and click adventure game inspired by games I played when I was younger; in particular, "Dare to Dream: A Study in the Imagination of a Ten-Year-Old Boy" by Epic MegaGames. This project turned out to be a lot harder to pull off in 6 evenings that I anticipated!

Public domain music by Alex McCulloch on The songs are "Once in a While" and "Passenger."


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That was fun. I got confused for a little while because I thought the thing that feeds on decay was the trash-eating dog.  But dog fur or whatever would make it even less pleasant to drink, so it's just as well.  Maybe you could make the Go indicator point down when going from the outside to the house. It looked like it was taking me off into the woods or something.  In general I think it was a good level of challenge.


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! That's a good suggestion about the "Go" indicator. Glad you found the challenge level good, it's kind of hard to judge as the creator, haha.


Nicely done! Definitely felt like a classic old point&click game, and thankfully didn't rely on moon logic puzzles like a lot of them did. The point&click system itself worked pretty well, too. The only thing in this game I'm not happy about is the fact that the cake is gone. :)

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Thanks for playing! I tried my best to make the puzzles pretty straight forward, though I wouldn't say it's perfect by a long shot.


The little story was great. It wan't clear to me what the ghost wanted but it was a funny ending, the dog taking a bath even after refusing to take one was hilarious. Great job. I enjoyed it.

Hi there! Thanks for playing my game through, glad you enjoyed it. The ghost's circumstances and message are linked to a previous game jam entry of mine(Week 102, "One Big Boss"), she was the possessed witch in the intro:

All my weekly game jams are part of a loose story, though I do try (and sometimes fail) to keep them entertaining for newcomers too!


Having to click on things in a specific order definitely got me stuck a couple times. Particularly after getting the berry thing and going back inside -- in my head I was like, "Okay, I already interacted with everything... now what?" Tried using the berry on various things to no avail before clicking on everything.

Like the art! Also impressive that you managed to do all that art and set up the point and click systems in the week.


Thanks for playing! It will be easy they said... no problem, it can be done in 5 evenings they said... lol. Yeah, this was a lot to try and finish for a weekly game jam. I genuinely thought it would be a late entry. But some last minute cutting/altering of features and scope, combined with a late night, and I got it done!

I totally understand the confusion on the order of clicking on stuff. You're comment is on point. However (not to defend my poor design too much), I feel like roaming around with no clue what to click on or use is a staple of the genre... haha. At least in my experience.


Oh hey a point and click game. Never been good at point and click, but at the same time I recognize the effort needed to make one of these types of genre

I played the game the usual very disgraceful method of "click and use each item on everything" lol - but good work. My only annoyance other than that is how I needed to scale down the screen a little since or else various "tags" outside the game would block the inventory, rendering it unclickable.

Thanks for playing! I'm terrible at point and click games myself, though there are a few I really liked that inspired me to try and make one.

As for the scaling, darn! I sized down the screen a bit to try and avoid that. You can put it into fullscreen mode as well, I think that will avoid the issue.


I like the game but i'm stuck very quickly, I got the mana berry and clicked on everything in the kitchen but can't seem to find a key... can't go up the ladder, don't know if that was meant to be or not but yeah, i'm stuck.... LUL, art is very nice though and I like the music


Thanks for playing! I can't take credit for the music (see the description for that credit) but I did make all the art!

Haha, I'm about to defend bad game design, but I feel like frustration is required in classic point and click adventures. I used to get stuck for hours on these things. Anyway, hint below! ***Stop reading now if you don't want hints***

Still reading? Ok, if you are stuck early on, make sure you find and click on all three dogs. Opening their hiding places is only the first step, you still need to click on them. After that, just be sure to continue and investigate any object on screen. Many items "unlock" as you gain a need for them. The ladder however, is a red herring. And also a sign that I ran out of time to make any additional areas.


Very lovely!


Thanks so much!