Desktop Versions released!

I've decided to add desktop versions of "A Change of Heart: A Magical Girl Adventure"! It's funny, when I first started programming as a teen, I didn't consider it a "real" program unless there was an EXE file at the end. Fast forward to now and I'm a huge fan of browser games. Browser games deal with a lot of cross-platform issues and make it very easy for even the most casual user to give the game a try.

That said, browser games don't work perfectly for everyone, and some users might like to keep a copy on their local system. For those users, I hope you enjoy this update!

This update includes Win32, Win64, and OSX64 versions. I actually have no way of testing the Mac version at home, as I don't have a Mac. I could also upload a Linux version if there's interest, but same issue as the Mac version applies there.

Other miscellaneous updates:

  • Increased the size of the "Up Slap" attack hit box. Some players found this attack difficult to use. This attack can be pretty useful, so I hope this improves it!
  • De-saturated a few background elements just a touch, to increase visual separation of foreground and background elements.

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