A Change of Heart v2.0

Wow! It's nearing a year since I released A Change of Heart for Magical Girl Game Jam 1! To think that since then I've participated in MGGJ2 & 3, as well as created two additional games in the series for other jams!

Today, I'm releasing v2.0 on Itch! This is a small update, with one new feature... Gamepad support! You can now play with any X-Box style gamepad. I'm a keyboard fan myself, but the gamepad feel is pretty solid! Please give it a try if that's your preferred control method!

This update affects both the web version and the desktop versions. The Mac version is still untested... fingers crossed it works.

Full list of updates:

  • Full project updated from Construct 2 to Construct 3
  • Added a dedicated fullscreen button. [Keyboard, "U"]
  • Added XBox style gamepad support.
  • Updated "How to Play" screen to add gamepad controls.
  • Tool tips in game automatically toggle between gamepad and keyboard, depending on which the player is using.
  • Fixed a bug on the "How to Play" screen that would occur if the player visited it more than once in a play session.
  • Built framework for Newgrounds metals for upcoming release there... this is WIP however, so no official timetable. Soon hopefully!

I appreciate every single person who stops by to check out my games... without you, there would be no point. Thanks so much for playing!


A Change of Heart v2-0.zip Play in browser
Apr 07, 2021
CoH V2-0 - mac64.zip 113 MB
Apr 07, 2021
CoH V2-0 - win32.zip 90 MB
Apr 07, 2021
CoH V2-0 - win64.zip 96 MB
Apr 07, 2021

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