Version 1-5 Update! New Music and more!

Hello all! I'm excited to release V1-5 of "A Change of Heart: A Magical Girl Adventure!"

Version 1-5 includes several updates, first and foremost being TWO new music tracks by the amazing Facemelting Solos! Take this moment to check his other work and follow him at the links below:

Other updates are listed below. Screenshots are also attached as examples.

  • Two brand new music tracks by Facemelting Solos, featured in the levels "City" and "Train."
  • Camilla has no patience for weak magical girls... she has turned up the heat on her test of June's power. Camilla has 2 new dangerous attacks. Her previous "mega" attack is still present, but at a lower rate. Beware!
  • The in-level dialogue box and font has been updated. Hopefully for the better, not worse. Though I never received any complaints on this game about the font, I wondered if it was hard to read. I used it on my update of "Melody's Devtober Demo," and immediately got feedback that confirmed my suspicions. Hopefully the new font is easier on the eyes. I've also changed the background color and opacity to improve readability of the new font. The new CC0 font is "ASCII Bitmap Font "cellphone" by domsson on

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